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Tim Edey – Sailing Over the 7th String

I am now on my nth listen of Tim Edey’s brand new album ‘Sailing over the 7th String’ and I actually don’t know where to start with this review! I am a massive fan of traditional musicians, especially when it’s done right. But this album is a blast of the sheer and massive virtuosity of Tim Edey. The range of instruments the man can play to a incredible standard is depressingly impressive.


Any way, where to start?… Let’s start with the man himself.


Tim Edey is a ridiculously experienced and well travelled musician. Among many others he has collaborated and performed with the likes of The Chieftains, Michael McGoldrick, Seamus Begley, Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon, The Barra MacNeills, JP Cormier, Shaun Davey, Lunasa, Vinnie Kilduff, Altan, Mary Black, Session A9, Julie Fowlis and Frankie Gavin (and breath).


Originally from Kent and learning guitar from his Dad, he then moved to Ireland (where I’m sure he picked up a thing or two) and now lives near Perth, Scotland. A place synonymous with incredible celtic and folk music. From here he has travelled all over the world playing his polished brands of guitar strumming, banjo plucking and melodeon squeezing. Crossing oceans and continents, from his original home in Broadstairs to Cape Bretton or from Scandinavia to Springfield, Illinois, as a solo artist as well as supporting a myriad of other artists.


With a renowned ability for mastering any instrument he chooses and being known and referred to as “the nicest man in folk” it is no wonder this man has received a few awards over the years. Culminating in him gaining the title of 2012 BBC Radio 2 ‘Musician of the Year’ and grabbing BBC Folk Awards ‘Best Duo’  gong with harmonica legend Brendan Power. This was the professional recognition he absolutely deserved after about 17 years on the circuit. But who cares about the professional recognition with a CV like his. He has all the plaudits he needs from fans and other musicians.


The album itself is beautifully mastered and an amazingly eclectic mix of styles from classic to celtic, from folk to funk and so much more. If you’re listening to too much folk music (imposible I know) then that’s ok! The second track, ‘Rumba Negra’, is a tip of the hat to Latin American styles or maybe you fancy dancing a bit of a waltz? You’re covered, don’t worry!


If you fancy a bit of a breath of childhood and remember the nursery rhyme ‘Three Craws Sat Upon a Wall’ then listen to the opening of the third track ‘Crossing to the cape’. Then, out of nowhere, it breaks into a great almost bluesy/country piece that has you hanging off every note.


Feeling rocky? Sometimes miss a bit of distortion? Well, ‘Journey to Mull’ will see you right. Peacefully starting with excellent lead guitar from Tim and with beautiful strings from Patsy Reid, it leads in to a beautiful, meandering electric guitar solo and then slumbers back down to some classic guitar plucking. A lovely sandwich if ever there was one.


I could go on with great enthusiasm like this for every track on ‘Sailing over the 7th String’ but sadly word counts are king in this business and I wouldn’t want to bore you with my opinions on it all any way. I will say get a hold of this album and in a short space of time you will be taken on a incredibly deep and multifaceted, emotional rollercoaster of a journey through the skill set Tim Edey has at his disposal. I can predict you’ll develop as equal an enthusiasm as mine in a very short space of time.


The album is out now on Gnatbite Records so grab it! You won’t be sorry. Upcoming tours are all over the place so try and catch one if you can. For all the information on all things Tim please jump over to his website:




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One Response to "Tim Edey – Sailing Over the 7th String"
  1. Reply Dan MacMullin October 16, 2013 17:05 pm

    I just bought the Album! i was waiting expectantly for it for some timer now. You can mention, if people want to order it Now, Tim will autograph it for them!

    This man keeps me going through a long work day with his music, here, in Canada. I cannot imagine a life without him in it now. He puts steam in my stride…

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