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Think of the Verb, Rather than the Noun – Reject by Stanley Odd

Who’s Stanley Odd? The sounds that form the opening few seconds of their second LP, Reject, are like that of a spaceship landing. That lends to the fact that they see themselves as outsiders. They’re a Scottish based hip-hop band. I’ve heard they had a hard time finding a record company who saw past their MC’s accent. That makes me think about how it’s perfectly acceptable to put an American accent on our radios, but not a native Scottish one; for us to listen to American points of views and raps, but not one form our own doorstep! That’s the radios and record companies playing it safe. That’s something Stanley Odd seem at ease to flight against. They’re of the minority and they’re proud of the fact, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t very, very good, or “accessible”, or poignant, or down-right happening.

MC Solareye puts to you pictures of life in the UK (and of the world) via energetic, intelligent, soul-searching, honest word plays. There’s no american-gangsta-wannabe rubbish here. Veronika Electronika adds a tonic to his ‘gin’; her soulful tones play off his urban-vocal, almost vitriol, wits. Together they switch lead vocals to provide an almost verse/chorus format. The vocal performances are so compelling it’s easy to overlook (overhear, even) the tight, smooth, back bone to the songs. Samson the Snake (drums/electronics), AdMac (bass), Scruff Lee (guitars) and T Lo’s (keyboards) contribution’s are the definition of deft, with a capital D; Deft.

My pick of the songs from Reject are “Going Through The Motions” (brings to mind our almost imitate, modern relationship with technology) and “Marriage Counselling” (Scotland and England). Having said that, these aren’t the singles off the album. I’ve seen the band live twice and they’re tight and powerfully uplifting. Odd folk, indeed.

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Brendan McDonald had written 7 articles for The Trip Magazine

I play bass for Le Woodsmen and make books for a living. Music is my main passion, but I also like to hear the about the passions of others. This is a place for doing such things.

One Response to "Think of the Verb, Rather than the Noun – Reject by Stanley Odd"
  1. Reply Jolly Roger aka Roger M Daniel January 7, 2013 12:22 pm

    As a radio presenter on Lionheart Radio I am very happy to play music by vocalists with Scottish accents. I have, in fact, not only played tracks but, interviewed Scottish artists. I am thrilled by the wealth of talent existing in Berwick and the Scottish Borders at present. One only has to consider Tasha Blackmore who has over 40,000 subscribers on Facebook. Sandi Thom is another vocalist who springs to mind.
    If a Scottish accent was an obstacle to airplay Rod Stewart (remember him) would not have enjoyed such a lengthy career. I am always interested to hear from all quality artists, Scottish or otherwise, for inclusion on my radio show ‘Jolly Roger’s Blue Noon’ which is broadcast, at 13:00-15:00 every Thursday, to North Northumberland on 107.3 FM and globally on the Internet.

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