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“The only limit is your imagination”

Painter and decorator, bespoke wall art specialist and photographer Craig Fletcher’s work certainly lives up to his bold mission statement. After starting up his own business in 2004, Craig has spent the last nine years steadily building up a loyal and satisfied customer base throughout the local area. Now based in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, he has recently branched out from traditional painting and decorating techniques and delved into the intriguing world of wall art, Craig’s initial inspiration formed whilst experimenting with ways to brighten up and maximise space in his daughter’s bedroom without the use of conventional paint and wallpaper. The end result is more than impressive and definitely unique: a customised wardrobe with photographic doors and recessed shelving, a foldable desk, a bedroom door which doubles up as a blackboard, a magnetic wall and a full sized pre made wall art mural. Craig's daughters bedroom



The rest of Craig’s home followed suit as a guinea pig for his project ideas, with his bedroom and stairwell being transformed with custom wallpaper, photo wraps, quotation stencil work and bespoke reptile enclosures.

From this inspiring start, Craig has thrown his passions and enthusiasm into creating some equally amazing pieces of wall art for his happy customers, from beauty bars to bedrooms, his designs seem to be endless and have heralded many positive responses. Two of his most recent ventures can be seen with this article; a little girl who simply Get Stripped Wax and Beauty Barasked for “the sky and the colour purple” was in awe of her night time inspired planet filled ceiling with LED lights to imitate twinkling stars. “Get Stripped”, a waxing and beauty bar in Berwick-Upon-Tweed plays host to an appropriately scantily clad wall art mural. For such incredible imagery, concepts and workmanship Craig wants to reassure potential customers that wall art is not necessarily an expensive luxury alternative. He explains in simple terms, to decorate an average sized room with good quality wallpaper, before labour, he calculates to be equal to or less than the average cost of a wall art mural, which only takes an hour or so to install opposed to a few day’s work using traditional papering and painting techniques. Manufactured using fully washable, fade resistant eco-friendly vinyl which is made to measure and pre-pasted for quick and easy fitting with minimal waste, it is easy to see how the wall art craze will catch on.

What’s more, Craig has just joined forces with Philippine born artist Chris. Formally trained in architecture, design and construction, he has honed the unusual artistic ability of being able to hand paint literally any design or effect. Using his finely tuned architectural background and unrivalled creative skills, Chris can transform smooth flat walls using very effective and extremely convincing mock ups of wood grain, marble, stonework, suede and panelling. For a sneak peak of Chris’ work, swing by Craig’s website at for a slide show of interesting images.

Craig Fletcher
Craig’s work with the camera has also sparked a lot of interest in the local area. Investing in a good quality camera initially enabled him to enlarge images for wallpaper and wall art ideas, but his relationship with photography has since flourished from a mild interest to a fun hobby to a full blown passionate obsession and obvious talent; so much so that his work is now being displayed for sale in “Thistle Do Nicely” restaurant in Walkergate, Berwick-Upon-Tweed. Known to use all manner of weird and wonderful ideas and props, Craig’s spontaneity has rewarded him with some stunning and sometimes unexpected images. Cutting a hole in his coffee table and employing the strategic placement of fish tanks and cameras before finally diving in headfirst, achieved “The Abyss” and some artistic thinking, along with the help of a skipping rope and fairy lights created the luminous and eye-catching “Spiral Skies” image.

“Hand Made”, an almost ghostly shot created by using a multiple exposure technique, combines two separate images into one with a fascinating end result. Craig can also be found up and about at all hours of the day and night capturing the striking sunrises, sunsets, natural beauty spots and local landmarks in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. His shot of the Royal Border Bridge at night in Berwick-Upon-Tweed is a clear testament to his photographic abilities.

So, if you are looking for a painter and decorator with a little bit of extra flair, visit Craig’s newly designed website at to find out more about his work. Alternatively, drop by Facebook and give him a “like” to stay updated with his latest projects and photography. Or, if you would like to discuss a wall art or decorating idea, you can contact Craig directly on or 01289 307488/ 07799 057630 for a chat and free quotation.


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