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Spiro-ling into Nostalgia

I’m a nostalgia junkie. Now I don’t know if that’s anything to do with fast approaching 50 (OMG) or because I just like simple things. I suspect its a touch of both.

Spirograph is one such recall, and I bought it again the other day. It is a must! There is nothing more delicious than whirling around your pen in these mysterious plastic cogs and then the big reveal and you have created a complex pattern that has you hooked.

I am now experimenting with coloured pens, graduating backgrounds, I’m customizing a t shirt and soon I’ll be adorning all sorts of objects in the house with these juicy little biro blings, awesome.

The best £3 I have spent in a long long time.

Spirograph on Amazon.


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Colleen Henderson-Heywood had written 7 articles for The Trip Magazine

Colleen Henderson-Heywood has lived in the Scottish Borders for 3 years, and loves it. She is a self confessed creative junkie. wannabe broadcaster, Brainstormer and Idea's Consultant, Patient Ambassador, Vocationally driven & Volunteer, Fashion addict and marmite lover. Colleen has several projects running in the Borders supporting young people and those affected by chronic illness.

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