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Review: Wee Dub Club / The Caves / Edinburgh / 01.06.13

So last Saturday night saw the latest episode in the Wee Dub chronicles and it was very much business as usual – big sounds, big vibes, and of course – Big Toes. ‘Wee Dub club’ saw the return of Wee Dub veterans such as ‘Riddim Tuffa Sound’, ‘Daddy Scotty’ and ‘Dangerman’ along with new face: ‘J Star’ all powered by the mighty Big Toes Hi Fi sound system. The venue for this concoction of Dub, Reggae and vibrations was ‘The Caves’ – the home of many mad moments from by gone Wee Dub shakedowns.
There was the usual upbeat, friendly atmosphere that seems to come hand-in-hand with the up and coming Reggae scene of Edinburgh town; with the Wee Dub franchise in its second year and gathering momentum and the weekly Champion Sound night at the new Bongo Club, Edinburgh seems to be catching up with its proverbial big brother of Reggae – Glasgow.

Wee Dub Club was yet another sterling example of this movement and with big tunes ranging from Riddim Tuffa’s re-fix of ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’ by the streets all the way to J Star’s re-do of ‘Witness’ by Roots Manuva: ‘One life One hope’, the atmosphere certainly stood up to the electrically high standards displayed by previous Wee Dub nights. A big part of this atmosphere came from perhaps the most veteran crew of Wee Dub: Big Toes Hi-fi and the 20 KW sound system they have built over the past ten years. Now when a rig of this size is put in The Caves, which is located, as the name suggests… in a cave, it creates such a rumble, such a cacophony of bass that a brother could just be sat outside the venue on the pavement smoking a cigarette whatever, and if he were to close his eyes, just for a second, he might of thought that he was back home in his god damn massage chair! This makes for some pretty special listening and in my opinion it’s this sound system culture that makes Wee Dub so fresh and so loved; good vibrations usually equates to damn good vibes and Mr Astrojazz and Mr Lapinski seem to have access to plenty of both (big up the organisers).

So that will be all we see of the Wee Dub until autumn, when a second Wee Dub Club is on the cards but watch out for the highly anticipated Wee Dub Festival 2014 because if this years’ was a big ting, next year… it’s going to be huge!

 More information on Wee Dub Events.

Wee Dub Club Podcast Vol.1

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