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Police Academy Action! Michael Winslow as Noizeyman – Edinburgh Fringe 2nd August

I heard in the pub that the guy (it took me a while to learn Michael Winslow’s name) who makes all the crazy vocal sounds in Police Academy would be playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In all my 31 years I’d never been to a proper Fringe gig, so I went home and straight away got a ticket for his gig.

Then I thought about it, what had I bought a ticket to see? All I knew is he’s an actor who makes brilliant vocal impressions of things and sounds. What was he going to do in his (I’m hoping 30min plus) show? The Fringe is a comedy festival, right? Is he a naturally a comedian, or is it going to be a bit of a freak show? Is he going to stand at the front and get people to shout out noises and then do them? Maybe he’ll do some beatboxing, I’ve always fancied seeing ‘Beardyman’, but a 50 odd year old man doing beatboxing for a whole show? What songs would he beat box? I didn’t like the idea of seeing a kind of freak show and I couldn’t imagine him doing something akin to ‘Beardyman’, or ‘Ball-Zee’ (the 2011 UK champ, apparently). But, for £8 I was willing to find out what ‘Noizeyman’ had in stall.

First off, he introduced himself and dispelled my fears that it was going to be a freak show. He was comfortable on stage and told us about his early years of watching a lot of TV and his instinct to copy the sounds around him. Then he took us into a little Chinese restaurant that he’d visited recently, at least it felt like I was there as he vocalises all the sounds around him, including the door, chair, female waiter with attitude, the (unlucky) chicken, the (overdubbed) head chef… the sketch ends hilariously!

The show follows his love of TV, film, music and sport. I can still visualise the imagined tennis game he enacts between Serena Williams and John McEnroe and he did some beat boxing! What does a 50 odd year old beatbox? Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix and Snoop Dogg Vrs Mary Poppins! It was spell bounding. I will now be calling him Michael Winningshow (sorry).

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