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Non Conductive Negative Reasoning… A moment with Mike Williams.

To any of the average chart dwellers, the name Mike IX will mean nothing. Even to some fans of modern metal, the word Eyehategod will be one that is lost upon them. Yet without Mike and his merry men from New Orleans, many of the heavy metal bands around today will have been very different animals. Eyehategod are underground legends, heroes among those who know and love their music. And with a dedicated fan base that continues to grow with each year that passes, EHG show no signs of slowing down, after four studio albums, and twenty years of abuse (and still broke) I was lucky enough to catch up with Mike IX after a recent EHG gig in Manchester, infamously outspoken, I was a excited, and a little bit nervous, at what he had to say….

How was your recent trip to Europe with EHG?

Mike IX: Awesome as usual… Treated well by the locals, good booze, good crowds…!

Is Europe a place you enjoy traveling through? In what ways are the audiences and places different to the states?

Mike IX: Of course I enjoy it.. Its all encompassingly gorgeous, interesting and fun… I love traveling. Period. No matter if its Cambodia or Beijing…Which are two places I’d love EHG to play..

It seems that EHG have had a boost in fans over the past few years, do you agree? What would you put that down to? Has Treme helped build a new audience?

Mike IX: I suspect it’s due to our cult followings… I have no idea if most people have even seen Treme. Doubt it and I haven’t seen our episode yet either..
I think more folks are listening because its the O.G. legacy and the fucking MUSIC, first and foremost. Not to mention TONS of live gigs, TONS of touring ,TONS of sheer dedication and energy etc…

In the past, you have performed with some extreme live bands, including The Mentors, GG Allin and Anal Cunt. What comes to mind when you think back to those people and that time? How does it compare to performing alongside bigger bands, such as White Zombie and Pantera?

Mike IX: We’ve never played a gig with the Mentors, wish we could have though. I was friends with good ol’ El and members of his old band however, but the man himself only when he could remember my voice and face through a drunken tour haze, so thats the extent of that, he was fun to hang out with. GG Allin – yes, we opened a very successful show here in NOLA and having met him years before as well, he was only a gentlemen and fairly quiet guy OFF stage. Anal Cunt for sure, yes. Well, Seth was a true friend and buddy and I’m sad he is gone… EHG toured with them for months at a time and did numerous gigs over the years since the late 80′s and he will not be forgotten. He had a horrible reputation but was also just showing a sick sense of humor. Of course in comparison to bigger bands there is no comparison. Everyone from Seth to GG to El Duce to Phil to Seana Yseult have all been decent folks to me and my band…
All Rock ‘N’ Rollers at heart….

In relation to my last question, EHG were and are known to be an intense live experience. Do you feel growing older has changed your onstage persona, or do you still feel the same way now as you did at 21?

Mike IX: Its impossible to feel EXACTLY the same, but I think getting older has NO effect on us as a live band at all except I was actually probably drunker when I was 21 years old… We are the same folks on and off stage.

It seems that EHG have been on the road relentlessly for the past few years, are there any signs of the band slowing down?

Mike IX: No, we are bacteria growing and never ending…

When you’re not out on the road, what does the average day look like for Mike Williams?

Mike IX: Feed the animals, ride my bike, write, kill myself, spit, sleep again, read, feed the animals, feed the animals, change the oil, eat something, throw wrenches, feed the animals…then kill myself.

You’re known as an avid punk rocker. You’re also known to sport Abba t shirts from time to time. Do you feel you have quite an eclectic musical taste?

Mike IX: Umm, weel man I’m not a punk rocker but I do listen to punk rock music… I also like Abba, its not a gimmick..
I like a LOT of stuff from Noise to Classical… I also listen to every form of Metal, Jazz, Country, Blues etc… Of course its eclectic musical taste, right?

Is EHG’s new song “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam” an omen for a new album? What inspired the new track?

Mike IX: Katrina the Hurricane, crime through the city and all that… Yeah its an omen.. you’ve been forewarned…
You released the book Cancer as a Social Activity back in 2005. Do you have any plans to release any other material in the future?

Mike IX: Got 2 more books in the works and doing spoken word live now and experimental electrix with my band The Guilt Of… Go to: to get it.
How is the new Radio show going?

Mike IX: Fucking great, its a shitload of fun…Go to: archive to listen and Ill have it up on my website ASAP…

Lastly, could you share you’re most memorable moment from your travels over the years?

Mike IX: Im-Fucking-possible… You’re asking for ONE moment from 25 years worth of life, gigs, recordings, traveling.. etc…!!???? Good luck from me.

Thanks Mike, Have fun and hope to see you down the road….

Mike IX: Sure, take care and thanks. Go to: and…. Buy my book Cancer as a Social Activity NOW!!!

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