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Joe Adrift – Short Stories Album Review

As I slip this beautifully packaged cd into my boom box, the most relentless rain and hail unexpectedly rears its ugly head. The first few notes resonate through my speakers and everything makes sense. Short Stories by Joe Adrift is a soundtrack to what’s going on in his mind, out my window, anywhere. The imaginatively played guitar accompanies day to day life and personal thoughts perfectly; it is the noise the sparse and rural countryside would make if it had opposable thumbs.

Known to his parents as Daniel Irving, this young fella demonstrates his brooding and patient guitar work across the album, but most notably on the fourth track, Haslam Walking. Starting with the kind of slow passages Low made their own with The Curtain Hits the Cast, the track takes you away from the world for the 9 minutes it sits in front of you, not a single note is wasted and the varying techniques used on his colourfully painted child’s axe keep you not only interested, but completely immersed and engaged in the sounds issuing forth.

While pigeon-holing this into a genre would almost certainly be criminal, the influence from the pioneers of 60s/70s folk such as John Martyn, Bert Jansch and Nick Drake can be seen sporadically throughout. His arrangements take a more classical/post-rock route in that there are rarely motifs; each phrase leads to another and seldom returns.

This isn’t the kind of album I’d expect many to understand or even like. But for the minority who appreciate largely instrumental passages, dynamic and rhythmical acoustic guitar, the occasional vocal warble and the ability Joe Adrift has to tell such a vivid story with no words at all, Short Stories will be your cup of tea in the morning and your nip of whiskey at night.

Get that Mastercard of yours out and head over to Bandcamp now –

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Angus Mason
Angus Mason had written 3 articles for The Trip Magazine

The kid under Alan's wing at Travelled Music for over half a decade. The man with the broken drums in Nately's Whore's Kid Sister. The drunk at the bar in Ouseburn.

2 Responses to "Joe Adrift – Short Stories Album Review"
  1. Steven Walker
    Reply Steven Walker June 8, 2012 19:41 pm

    I bloody love it.

  2. Reply Jeannette Hiemstra July 14, 2012 22:10 pm

    <3 it

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