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Enjoy Your Apathy

Over the past several years I have come across the constant barrage of complete nonsense that our government call spending cuts. The complete travesty that our government call fiscal policy. And the complete and utter bullshit* that our government call being ‘in it together’. This is not to mention our foreign policy that continually alienates us from the rest of Europe, the west, and, more importantly the world.

*(I apologise for the sweary but it’s the only one in here and I really wanted to get some emphasis across)

All this taken into consideration I felt that University was an ideal place to vent my feelings in an organised, pro-active and positive way.

And It seems I was not to be disappointed. When I got here I allied myself with various activist societies and heard stories of strikes, occupations and marches that really made a difference. People got their jobs back, regained their university places and went by the bus load to stand in defiance of tyranny.

The eventual outcome was in reality, however, a resounding defeat for activism.

The education bill went through which sees students incurring up to triple the amount of debt they would have if they had been born a year before and up to £9000 a year more than the people who are imposing these increases paid. The NHS is taking a battering to within an inch of its life and all the defences being put up either ignored or batted away like an annoyingly persistent fly. These ‘austerity measures’ mean that we are bombarded by extra costs here and less money there, only to read lately that they aren’t working. The last 6 months show negative growth nationally.

And still the streets are empty, social networking is awash with stories of mind numbingly useless chatter, small pockets of ‘crusty’ students are ignored when advertising public actions and headline after headline flies past acknowledged by a wan shrug.

What are we waiting for!? Are we going to clutch hold of our precious little bubble until the fat cats are clawing our fingers off to take the very last valuable morsel of your body and soul to sell off in the global shit show that they call the market? Are we going to stand back while they rape and pillage this country/world because they know their economic empire is failing?

This apparent stand offishness is understandable though, is it not? It’s fear. Draconian laws and sentencing has been put in place to stop people even thinking about resisting. Throwing a placard stick at a demo now wins you an all inclusive trip to a cell courtesy of H.M.P.(google Zenon Mitchell-Kotsakis) and if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in a demo there’s always the very strong chance of being arrested, being charged by horses and even having your head beaten so badly you need emergency brain surgery just to make it through the night! (Google ‘Alfie Meadows’)

We also have a lot to lose. Phones, computers, consoles, nights out, clothes, a nice pint, jobs, family, friends, homes, our future job prospects. These wonderful things that we can get our hands on are now being used to smack us over the head until we crumple to our knees and say “Please sir, can I have some more?”.

Look back at major empires, pre-revolution Russia for example. When they felt they were losing power they cracked down on dissent with over the top tactics and punishment (how many people disappeared in the decade or so before the revolution we will never know), they found some ethnic minority for the people to hate (Jews) and they locked themselves in an unwinnable war (they chose Afghanistan…mmm?) to boost nationalist pride and patriotism, waste half their money on arms and well, just to give them that warm fuzzy feeling that one gets from sending the proletariat into situations they wouldn’t dream of entering themselves.

Take those points and try and match the dots up… It’s not hard.

I wanted to try and finish this off with a stirring conclusion that would make you all stand up and say with echoing cries “I am a human being and my life has value! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!” and then we’d all march on parliament and secure a wonderful future for generations to come.

But I won’t… what’s the point? Nobody would listen to it. All that would happen is that we’d all say “Ooh! That would be nice wouldn’t it?” and then go about our daily routine of being shoved through the meat grinder and listening to two faced, floppy haired, in bred, smarmy faced puppets telling us that they care about us and that they’re trying to make a better world for us when in reality they are power hungry sociopaths that are hell bent on keeping themselves in power and screwing over any one they think will threaten them.

So enjoy your apathy people…

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About the author

Ross Davidson
Ross Davidson had written 8 articles for The Trip Magazine

I'm currently studying English Language as an undergraduate at Sussex Uni. I love music with a passion and a good debate is where I like to be. I would probably argue the colour of snow with an Eskimo if given the opportunity! I'm a pacifist, a bit of a lefty and I hate the rubbish that we are continually fed everyday by the government, media, banks etc. Love music though, just so we're clear LA LUTTE CONTINUE

5 Responses to "Enjoy Your Apathy"
  1. Reply Andy Runciman May 14, 2012 16:55 pm

    You should have put your conclusion that inspires people to march on parliament because my response would have been “Millie get the shotgun were going to London” just sayin

  2. Reply Brendan May 15, 2012 18:03 pm

    I went and joined a protest against a war in Glasgow back in about 2001. So many people (thousands and thousands) marched along the streets to where Tony Blair was going to give a speech. But, he didn’t show up. His speech was cancelled at the last hour. It was at that moment that I realised that the Government are in power and they make the decisions. I get my say when I vote and that’s it. How do people get to be politician? I’ve no idea. Maybe if I were a politician I could try and do something about what’s happening, because ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’…?? I think I haven’t been provoked enough to join Them.

    • Reply Ross Davidson May 18, 2012 10:53 am

      Haven’t been provoked enough? They make you think that by doing everything very slowly. That bubble is only getting smaller!

  3. Reply Brendan May 23, 2012 09:10 am

    I can see your point. I may start looking into supporting local polictics more. Is there any other ways of stopping the ‘bubble from getting smaller’ that you can suggest?

    • Reply Ross Davidson May 23, 2012 13:38 pm

      Start looking into local Activist groups. I’m not sure what presence they have in Berwick though? Although there is a wonderful group of old ladies opposed to the occupation of Palestine that I came across in Trafalgar square at a demo once! There is a Trade unions Council group as well, and as much as I don’t really like unions they are a great intro to activism! There Is a healthy set down in Newcastle as well. I’m not sure about anarchist groups up there either? Although they can be rather paranoid these days…thank you Mark Kennedy! I’ll maybe post something with links to local campaigns. Past that well it’s just about learning alternatives. Look into Iceland, try and find the stories of Greek Hospitals running themselves and not answering to corrupt government. There are lots of peaceful direct actions you can do as well (boycott big banks shop locally etc.) but are effective only in numbers so education is key! Let people know there are alternatives and that there is a better way for us to live that is being shielded by these power hungry toads!

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