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AllSaints Film Documentary – New Music City

Tuesday 21st May 2013 saw the release of ‘New Music City’, the debut documentary from AllSaints Film, the “new wing” of clothing brand AllSaints. It focuses on the label Serpents and Snakes, the music scene that can be found today in Nashville and why it makes the city such an exciting place to be. It also takes us to Austin, Texas for a snapshot of what goes on during SXSW.








Serpents and Snakes is the label set up by Kings of Leon, Jared Followill says they set it up as they “all felt like there were a lot of bands in the rock vein that kind of weren’t getting attention”. What better way to help get these bands get the attention they deserved than by teaming them up with one of the biggest rock bands in recent years. Bands that get a mention in the mini-documentary include The Features, Snowden, Turbo Fruits, The Weeks and Clear Plastic Masks. They all have nothing but praise for Nashville and the way that the KOL members work with Serpents and Snakes. Creativity and independence seems to be encouraged, which is a great thing in the age where creative control can sometimes be highly doubted by the consumer when it comes to big labels. Caleb Followill describes it as ”a label where bands could have control over what they did and just the opportunity to make music and grow”.

There’s footage from SXSW (South by South-West) Festival which takes place in Austin, Texas every year. In the documentary, Nathan Followill describes it as a “global machine”. It lasts ten days and is comprised of music, film and interactive elements. Every year, cool kids and label reps descend upon Austin to witness showcases that are put on by labels throughout the city. It looks like an amazing place to be, and the footage gives you a real sense of the annual buzz that it brings to Austin.

We’re taken back to Nashville where the streets lined with music venues and recording studios are shown once more. Fittingly, Caleb Followill (lead singer) sums up ”When they called it Music City I don’t think they knew that it was going to be beyond country Music City”.

Overall, ‘New Music City’ is a great way of showing what Serpents and Snakes is doing for music in Nashville. The footage from both Nashville and Texas exudes the atmosphere that can likely be felt when there’s such a huge presence of live music around. It is a great first release from AllSaints Film, my only complaint is that I want it to be longer. Which, in the scheme of complaints, is certainly not a bad thing.


Watch ‘New Music City’ below:

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