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All Heart – Naive Artworks Making a Difference

Now I don’t profess to being an artist, I’m a doodler, and I have an out of proportion love of all things glittery, shiny and sticky. When I say out of proportion I mean it flows into every facet of my life, including edible gold shimmer on Pizza (fed to the Lost In Audio boys).

I also don’t sleep. Now when you tell someone you don’t sleep they get a picture in their heads of a disturbed night or watching too much YouTube that you end up wired. Insomnia is not that. Insomnia is sustained periods of interrupted sleep (that’s my definition) I haven’t had a full nights sleep for 7 years and I am doing well to get 4 hours. By my standards that’s insomnia.

So then what to do with a 20 hour day, especially between the hours of midnight and 6 am. My advice is not to do nothing, it is positively soul destroying to lie there and allows your brain to dance into dangerous thought such as ‘I’m useless’, ‘Nobody loves me’, even ‘My life’s a mess’. It would appear that the human race is adept at beating themselves up, and in the lonely early hours we succumb to it all the more.

So I doodle, I doodle a lot. A couple of friends saw the doodles and said “I’d buy that’. I was floored! Someone genuinely would pay for my ‘creation’ (saying the word ‘art’ I still find tough) but sell they did.

I’m from the school of sharing, and I believe in helping people to help themselves by giving them the chance to try something that works for me. So I created heart:art. Heart:art is a neat project, it simply encourages people with insomnia to draw, paint. collage whatever they feel they can do during the night. It is already supporting 2 people! The money raised for HA splits into 3, each third being allocated as follows, to the artist, for cost of materials, to the fund. People suffering from sleep deprivation can apply to the fund to get artist’s materials up to £35 with no conditions attached. It is hoped that some of their art could be donated to sell, so that we become self perpetuating.

At the moment HA is fund building. Once we have reached our target we will notify people where and when they put their application in.

If you would like to support HA you can donate money via Heartart, alternatively we are looking to recycle old mounts and frames.

You can find out a bit more on

Or e mail me via The Trip

Heart:art is currently stocked at :: Paxton House, Chirnside Gallery, Neils’ Framers Berwick, Albany of Duns.

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About the author

Colleen Henderson-Heywood had written 7 articles for The Trip Magazine

Colleen Henderson-Heywood has lived in the Scottish Borders for 3 years, and loves it. She is a self confessed creative junkie. wannabe broadcaster, Brainstormer and Idea's Consultant, Patient Ambassador, Vocationally driven & Volunteer, Fashion addict and marmite lover. Colleen has several projects running in the Borders supporting young people and those affected by chronic illness.

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