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Interested in advertising in The Trip Mag and on The Trip Website?

Online Advertising (per month):

There are two options if you would like to advertise on this very website, each advert will appear on every single page!

125x125px Square Ad: £25
468x20px Banner Ad: £35

Print Advertising (per issue):

We print and distribute 2000 copies of The Trip Mag seasonally in the South East of Scotland and North East of England.

Advertising costs are as follows:

Full page: £195
1/2 page: £125
1/4 page: £75
1/8 page: £45
1/16 page: £25

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The Trip isn’t run for profit, every penny made through advertising is used to print the magazine and keeps it PRICELESS!

For more information on advertising with The Trip get in touch!